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Ride Right Seat Belt Connector

Guardian Gear Polyester Ride Right Seat Belt Connectors, Black - Now you can turn any dog harness into a travel harness. Innovative seat belt connector wraps around a seatbelt and features a secure clip that attaches to dog's harness for safe car travel. This seat ... - Vehicle Harnesses - Pet Supplies - $8.50

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DIY dog car seat! •1 square clothes hamper •1 fleece blanket •2 throw pillows •leash •hot glue gun •scissors ___________________________________•Cut fleece blanket/fabric to cover the clothes hamper completely. •Hot glue the inside perimeter of the hamper and wrap blanket/fabric around it. •After completely gluing to hamper, cut out two holes in the back of the hamper for the seat belt to feed through. •Stack two throw pillows inside the hamper and cover the top of the pillows with extra…

Crash-Tested Safety Seat - Dog Beds, Gates, Crates, Collars, Toys, Dog Clothing & Gifts

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Back Console Dog Car Seat

High-Back Console Dog Car Seat

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