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Running with Your Dog: How to Get Started

Have you ever thought about running with your dog? Not only is a great way for you to stay motivated to keep up with your fitness routine, but Fido will also get the exercise he needs in the process. While you may think that your furry friend will be ready to jump right in with enthusiasm–and you’re probably right–it’s important to ease your dog into your running routine to make sure he stays healthy (and can keep up). #Apartment #Rent #Renting #Exercise #Dog #Pets #Running


What is boot camp like in the Marine Corps? Check out our week by week guide for what you can expect if you want to earn the title United States Marine. The USMC's boot camp is the longest of all the services.


I sent this with my son when he left for Boot Camp with the Marine Corps, in turn he sent me a set of dog tags with the same verse on it while he was deployed. Love that soldier! Thank you son for serving


Easy way to dog proof your SUV. We got those puzzle piece exercise mats at the five below store and cut them to fit the back of the car. Weather tech did not make a mat that went behind the driver and passenger seats only the second row so we made our own. Much cheaper.