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Friday Dopamine Dump (40 Photos)

PITBULLS are so kind they always watch over babies and kids if raised right!!! Pitbull advocate don't blame the breed!! Blame the fool who owns the dog!!!

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awww.... هاوهووو.. بطل شخير ياوله .. مش عارف انام ^_^

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It would be funny if the new reputation did not mean 6,000 are put to death every day, by far the highest number of any other breed euthanized. That’s a lot of babysitters. As you’ll see, from the richest to the poorest and everything in between, in America the pit bull was the dog for kids.

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Siberian huskies and Alaskan malamutes make wonderful nannies because they're nurturing and gentle, but never forget their size or how playful they are. And, as with any dog, never leave your child alone and in a vulnerable position. - Ronni

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Humans abused a type of dog so much that they have gotten a bad reputation. An animal has it's instincts and doesn't know any better. Humans have the capacity to know they shouldn't harm anyone or anything. Fuck Humans. Get a pitbull!

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African Wild Dogs. Closet resemblance to the Wolf pack. They have a success rate for hunting of 80%, they have an alpha pair, but everyone else is equal in beta. When pups are born, they take turns watching them while the Alpha and hunting party go hunting. They bring back enough meat to feed the babysitters so they don;t starve. They are the only canines in the wild to feed the adults as well as the pups. They all take turns watching the den, and their interactions minic wolves.

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