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just a friendly reminder that for over a hundred years, pit bulls used to be referred to as “the nanny dog” and their main job was as babysitters.

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PITBULLS are so kind they always watch over babies and kids if raised right!!! Pitbull advocate don't blame the breed!! Blame the fool who owns the dog!!!


African Wild Dogs. Closet resemblance to the Wolf pack. They have a success rate for hunting of 80%, they have an alpha pair, but everyone else is equal in beta. When pups are born, they take turns watching them while the Alpha and hunting party go hunting. They bring back enough meat to feed the babysitters so they don;t starve. They are the only canines in the wild to feed the adults as well as the pups. They all take turns watching the den, and their interactions minic wolves.


The moment every babysitter is scared of. What do you do when they just wont stop screaming?