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DIY ::  Screenprint Dodger Tee ( )
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According to Matt...: Jammy Dodger Pattern...If only my man could crochet! Definitely have to make this <3
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John Wayne's Corn Dodgers. I don't know if this recipe was originally from The Duke himself, or just named in his honor. Either way, they look particularly tasty.
Clip: The Real Cost of Corporate Tax Dodgers | Blog, Perspectives | Microsoft had $60.8 billion in profits offshore in 2012. Citigroup, $42.6 billion. Exxon Mobil, $43 billion. And the amount of taxes they paid on those profits: zero. While hard-working Americans pay their fair share of taxes, many large corporations, bolstered by an army of lobbyists in Washington, are not.
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Easy style - Adidas Tennis Shoes, Rag & Bone Jeans, Gap Tank, Plaid Shirt, LA Dodgers Baseball Cap, Moto Jacket, Phillip Lim Bag
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