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7 tips to taking documentary photographs

Documentary photographs can tell a story in way that no other genre of shooting can. It tells the story of real life and, to me, there is no better story.

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Capturing the Heart of Your Family through HONEST, Authentic Photography

HONEST, Authentic Family Photography | "When I pick up my camera, I often find myself ignoring all the rules of photography beyond basic composition and exposure, and I shoot my children as my heart sees them instead."

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The Narrative Society: Educator Interview with Liz DeGroff

documentary photography, documenting childhood

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Documentary | Lifestyle | Real Moments | Photography | Family Time Around the Campfire with S'mores
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360 Degrees of Natural Light Through the Doorway - Shooting Indoors

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This photo shows a child sleeping on a fire escape in the Bronx. This child is homeless and it is just so sad that this child doesn't have a roof over their heads to be able to sleep comfortable at night. I do not believe any child should live this way.

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10 Helpful & Non-Salesy Ways To Get Clients to Crave a Documentary Session

It's usually not enough to respond with 'just trust me' or 'the mess in your home won't even be noticed - honestly!' Instead of telling clients how they will likely feel, we need to teach them consistently in our marketing. Marketing and selling are two different things, but that's another conversation for another day. My goal in this post is to teach you how to leave PC's (potential clients) mind-blown and ready to book a documentary photo session with you in 10 ten easy options. Read More

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