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Doctors office humor

Kills me every time. Really people? Do you realize your pharmacy is within a couple if blocks from the doctors office? Lol

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This is a pharmacist's life! Or a paramedic ad the patient hands you their weekly pill-minder with all of their pills in it

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I know I've had symptoms of this UTI for 4 days while my doctor has been available in his office, but maybe he'll take personal time to call my Rx in w/o visit ...

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Its so funny what we get with a simple question.. My favorite is getting a story for a yes or no response!! LOL!!

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Mmhmm, you've had this pain for 2 months and you need to be seen today because it's excruciating and you're going out of town? Riight - come on in!

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We are our own expert at times because we HAVE to be. Years of doctor visits yielded no answers but a chance reading of a post on Reddit did.

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Seriously hate that. I feel so mad inside I seriously do that face.

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I'll fax this to your pharmacy. They'll have it ready in 15 mins, because you are their only customer and they are standing around waiting for.

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I take a round little white one for my blood pressure.....a blue one for my prostrate, and a yellow one for my sugar.....

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Scumbag doctors.

I am about to flip. Anyone who has ever tried to read an office note/c-9/test result will appreciate this. Meggggggan!!!!!!!!! Sarahhhhhhh!!!!!

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20 Doctors With A Great Sense Of Humor

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Sweetie, i bet you have pts that say this! "I already diagnosed myself on the internet. I'm only here for a second opinion." lol

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