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The Return of Doctor Mysterio.

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I don't always get emotional when I watch a tv show, but when I do, it's because I'm watching Doctor Who.

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Things like this make me cry when watching Doctor Who....along with everything else.

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I love Doctor Who, it makes me feel like kid again, so full of wonderment

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Rose and the doctor are my OTP and I cry EVERY SINGLE TIME I watch journeys end and doomsday.

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Doctor Who: Happy New Year

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Merlin and Doctor Who

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Please take at look at our friends @doctor_who_zone Hey guys. If you like Doctor Who (and other fandom) t-shirts you may want to check out the link in my bio. #doctorwho #tv #geek #dw #whovian #fandoms #drwho #drwho #thedoctor #fandom #whovians

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