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so if you do a Gallifreyian then you think you destroyed the entire human race but really saved them all from the Daleks.

Tumblr ~ Doctor Who

He's real guys>>>I will meet him. If I hear the TARDIS the entire fandom and I will track him down

doctor who | Tumblr→i found it I found it I really really found it. -> Nephews and Nieces names!

How to Write Gallifreyen

OMG IT WAS ALWAYS GOING TO END THIS WAY!!! Why Moffatt?!?! doctor who theory | Tumblr

He did though! And the ninth season! He had to forget about her! He did he forgot about her!

Doctor Who on tumblr. Although I disagree with the one post. Rose was not pregnant with the Doctor's baby. We know this from future episodes.

"No, no I've got a cunning plan; as soon as he's got the fez, i'm going to kill the fez." Steven Moffet everyone, he's even killing hat's off.<<about number Her mom was actually the pregnant one, as we saw in a later episode

Doctor Who Poem -- whoever wrote this is a genius.

One two three four, I declare a Time War --- Doctor Who Poem

BBC releases long-lost 'Doctor Who' episodes exclusively on iTunes | The Verge

BBC releases long-lost 'Doctor Who' episodes exclusively on iTunes

BBC releases long-lost 'Doctor Who' episodes exclusively on iTunes. Best GIF ever.

Whoa.<<< that would be a plot twist worthy of Moffat

<<< that would be a plot twist worthy of Moffat >> well, welcome in 2017 where Moffat thought about something like this for Sherlock

You can tell the doctor loves rose very much.. BUT THAT SON OF A BITCH RUINED IT ALL ON THE EPISODE DOOMSDAY. *slaps the doctor* Doctor: ow what was that for Me: GET WITH ROSE ALREADY

I hate the one with the doctor and Rose. Why did you have to do that huh!

doctor who | Tumblr and ps- I thought it was 6 billion...? I guess you could round up...? Whoops! Off topic!

900 years of time and space, and I've never met anyone who wasn't important. -The Doctor

Doctor Who on Tumblr- yes we are<<< Oh my gods I agree with the first comment on the picture. Took me a while to figure out that this was about Titanic XD

Jack and Rose: meaning different things to Whovians vs. I totally had the same thought process, Jack and Rose werent in the Titanic episode!

This is the first time I have sincerely wished that I lived in the UK.

Hahaha there is actually a law in the uk that you can't call someone while they watch doctor who