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The One Who Stayed (PJO/Doctor Who Crossover) - The Man With a Blue Box

#wattpad #fanfiction The Doctor had many companions. There's Rose, the one he lost. There's Martha, the one who left. There's Donna, the one who forgot. Then there's Perceia, the one who stayed. Never getting lost from him forever, never dying, never leaving, never forgetting... She stayed with him through everything...

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Doctor Who et les mèmes (3) : Des fans, un inspecteur et des poneys

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Sheet music made by impossiblegirl for Piano -- Long Song Loooooovee this sooo much!!!

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"Doctor Who" Films In Trafalgar Square

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Oh my God is that River

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Uh oh! Here comes trouble for the Doctor and Clara. Missy, AKA The Master is returning for Season 9 of Doctor Who.

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THIS IS LIKE THE MOST HILARIOUS THING EVER XD XD XD XD XD XD XD Eleven and Craig sleep deprived and making their own doctor who episode BHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA I'm dying XD

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The Return of Doctor Mysterio

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The Doctor, The Return of Doctor Mysterio - the doctor always melts my heart with a baby in his arms! :)

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Billie Piper breaks down during the filming of her final season of Doctor Who, and David Tennant comforts her.<--- See that? On the ground shattered into a million pieces that you just stomped on? IT'S MY HEART!!!

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