You got: You’d survive Congratulations, you’re the boy (or girl) who lived! You managed to track down and eliminate all of Voldemort’s Horcruxes. You faced the Dark Lord in a grueling final battle, and proved yourself victorious! And all was well

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Quais personagens que não deveriam ter morrido? *Spoilers Mais

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I didn't know how they were gonna b able to portray this correctly and with as much emotion as was needed cuz u never really got to know Dobby in the movies but they did me proud....i bawled like a baby just like i did in the book!

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"You shall not harm Harry Potter!" #harrypotter #dobby ♡ ♡ My dog's name is Dobby in honor of Dobby. My dog also looks like Dobby a bit he has a long nose and long ears

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And this is where I lose it. I cry every time I watch this... from the moment I see Dobby from the back, on the beach, hunched over.

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