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I honestly don't know what I'm going to do with my life afterwards!! You have to give them a happy ending SARAH! Or I will SOB UNTILL MY LAST BREATHE. *Tears start sliding down cheeks *Puts hand on Glass window Okay, okay too dramatic! Haha TOGS EOS PT.6 ACOMAF ACOWAR

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Trust Yourself - How to trust your intuition.

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[Open for more] • • • CALL HIM NOW!! And never let him leave😂😂 • • #qotd What kind of phone do you have? #aotd Samsung galaxy s6 edge + in gold • • @matthewdaddario @harryshumjr @emeraudetoubia [Inspired by Tumblr] • • ily: i love you. ilysm: i love you so much . ikyfwifa: i know you feel what i feel alec . wtgcdpma: when things get crazy don't push me away . iamt: i am malec trash

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I wanna see Nico do this to Will, instead of picturing Will as the strong eternally happy person and Nico as the broken one. Will lost two siblings as well and i don't think being a field medic is all smiles and sunshine. Will is allowed bad days too - rant over :)

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I don't watch Supernatural and I swear form the outside you do look like your on crack. (And then some)

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Do you know what this is?? This is cut footage of Ruff, Tuff, and Snotlout's reaction to Stoick's death.

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Just imagine what the neighbors think, seeing mrs.Hudson force Sherlock at gunpoint into the trunk of her car....Tbh They probably would think he deserved it with all the things he does...

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Do You Know What KBIS Stands For?

What a week! I am freshly returned from KBIS which was held in Orlando FL this year. Do you know what KBIS really stands for? It's not what you think...

And roar.... if you know what i mean heheh>>> true but acotar characters do it too, don't lie

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