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5 Minute Love Magic | I had so much fun with the 5 minute morning rituals the other day I thought since it was Friday I would do some 5 minute love rituals today! Come check 'em out and work a little love magic this weekend.


Monatomic Andara Crystal, Pink Sea Foam, Pink Andara, Pink Crystal


We could do spells for opening 3rd eye. I'm finding small ones so far that we could combine. let new know if it's an area you wanna do spell work on or not.


Burn a red candle during spell work to bring love and passion into your life. Be careful with your words as words have power. If you wish to bring love, do not cast a spell on someone specific. This violates their free will. You don't want to be with someone who doesn't know why they love you. They can become frustrated and violent by the feeling of unknown entrapment. Instead, send out a spell to bring love into your life (without naming anyone specific). This will bring the right…


I love doing this! :) Write worries or wishes on a bay leaf and burn them to the heavens.


Kind of in love with this menu!! It has some great options for practicing spelling that are more creative and fun than just writing the words 3 times (which I still think is good practice, but these really make more meaning of the words or are good to do after spelling drills as stations)