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Dnc Procedure

Natural Miscarriage, one story of waiting and having a natural miscarriage. Alternative to dnc procedure. Miscarriage, pregnancy loss, grief.

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Watch a Woman Older Than Her Right to Vote Pledge Arizona's Delegates to Hillary Clinton

The DNC is currently doing a roll call of delegates for procedural confirmation…

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BREAKING: Massive Voter Fraud in Broward County Florida Linked To Ex-DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz – MagaFeed

Complaints included procedural and legal questions, voter assistance, voting machines, voter identification, residency, election officials, electioneering, poll disruption and vote buying.

Three Black Women Are Running The DNC

Who is DNC Chair Marcia Fudge? As Rep. Marcia Fudge stepped into an unexpected role today as Chair of the Democratic National Convention, she made it her business to open the official procedures with a command for unity and respect.

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Yes, Superdelegates Are A Ludicrous Affront to Democracy. That Was the Whole Point. In 1982, the DNC decided that ordinary voters couldn't be trusted to select a nominee, so they cooked up something "super" shady

Senate GOP Leadership Is Silencing Americans' Voices With Procedural Tricks

Bipartisan budget talks between Congress & the White House on charting fiscal path & avoiding a shutdown—a good place to start! Read more:

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Note from HB: In the week following our inaugural post, my son was scheduled for a cardiac procedure. He is 100% back to normal, but I am assembling this week’s post from his hospital room. F…