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DIY Wonder Woman tiara and bracelets. Tiara: found a template on Pinterest for the shape of the crown. Then traced it onto peel &stick glitter foam sheet, cut it out. Hot glued a piece of felt to the back of the peel and stick (for something soft against the skin) Finally, I took a piece of elastic and hot glued it in between the glitter foam and felt. Bracelets, two toilet paper rolls cut for openings then cut and glued glitter foam sheets to them. Stars are peel and stick glitter foam…


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DIY Wonder Woman boots that my mom & I made for my costume! Super cheap & easy to make!! Materials: 1 pair of high-heels with skinny heel 1 pair of tall red socks (I used softball socks) White duct tape Card stock paper Tape Directions: Stretch the socks over the high-heels and cut a small hole in the heel of the sock for the heel of the shoe to poke through. Cut a piece of white duct tape to go up the front of each sock. Last, cut a piece of cardstock paper like so and tape it at the top…


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A wore a plain black tee with a handmade Wonder Woman logo that was traced and cut out of adhesive felt. Make the tutu using blue tulle and added some Styrofoam white stars. Wear red shin sleeves to look a little like her boots. I also made a superhero cape from a bargain tee by cutting it up. Finally I paired it with cuffs and a crown I made from gold styrofoam and some elastic.


DIY Wonder Woman Accessories for $10 or less. Instructions on how to make Wonder Woman headband Wonder Woman belt Wonder Woman wrist cuffs.

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