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This Is Probably the Best DIY Lightsaber Ever

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How to build your own lightsaber, this could come in handy someday. Halloween this year!!

How to build your own lightsaber

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How to Make Your Own Light Saber Toy

Star Wars costumes are going to be a huge hit this year with the news of Star Wars Land from Disney. May the force be with you with these DIY light sabers you can make yourself! The kids are going to want to play with this all year round.

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Lightsaber for $33 in 33 minutes

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Star Wars Party Games: DIY Lightsaber

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How to Make a Homemade Lightsaber from Junk!

This may not be something MacGyver would make, but it would be if he was dropped into the Death Star with a horde of Imperial stormtroopers hot on his trail. Especially if he found himself temporarily trapped in the trash compactor with some friendly Jedis, because this DIY lightsaber is made of pretty much all junk. Surely, he'd be able to find all of the parts, which include a broken camera lens, old hard drives, chrome pipe, film canister, busted microphone, and rubber mat. Some of the…

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