When some guide is taking about DC Motor in DIY Electronics, it is almost granted that we are talking about brushed, permanent magnet DC motor and stepper.

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Many of us have never even touched a soldering iron - but making things can feel incredibly rewarding. There are some key skills you need when tackling electronics projects - whether you plan on fixing broken devices or assembling Arduinos (our Arduino guide), the right skills make the difference between rage and elation. Here's a quick run-down of ten…

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Method to Control 8*8 LED Matrix using Shift Register IC 74595 and Arduino Mega « Funny Electronics

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For the people who want to realize a kinetic/electronic/sensor project but have now previous experience in this field: LittleBits ... go and visit the website.

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Project a constellation of stars on your ceiling! A fun DIY electronics project for a kid's room.

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Using a Washer as a Soldering Aid | Make: DIY Projects, How-Tos, Electronics, Crafts and Ideas for Makers

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Multimeters are a vital part of any electronics project, but learning how to use one isn't as simple as it looks. Thankfully, the above video from Adafruit walks you through pretty much everything you need to know.

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