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Build your own Electric Car!

Build your own Electric Car

from Co.Exist

A DIY Electric Car You Can Build Yourself--In Less Than An Hour

The open-source TABBY EV from OSVehicle. #DIY "What better way than creating a community-based open-source framework that can be used to build any type of vehicle?" The project started in-house, but last fall, the team released all of their blueprints online and started inviting anyone interested to start improving and redesigning the plans.


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from TreeHugger

Open source DIY electric car can be built in less than an hour

OSVehicle - Open Source Elektrische Automobiel - - OSVehicle – Open Source Elektrische Automobiel – DailyM -een dappere poging om de hegemonie van de auto industrie te doorbreken -


Tesla Dreams VW budget ?? - DIY Electric Car Forums


Wombat Car Company.

How to make an electric car or DIY trike.