You can't have enough things on your fridge, there's always something needs to be pinned on it. But you don't always have to buy fridge magnets from the store, you can make them yourself. Take a look at these amazing fridge magnets you can create yourself.

13 Awesome DIY Fridge Magnets You Need To Make

Easy bottle cap magnet DIY for a simple, but fun gift. Collect bottle caps from your favorite beverages to make bottle cap magnets for your fridge or board.

Beer Bottle Bud Vases | Easy DIY Beer Bottle Craft Project by DIY Ready at

Uses for Beer Bottles

Make cool DIY projects with beer bottles. Get into upcycling and make awesome beer bottle crafts for your home. Try making beer bottle glasses and much

40 DIY Planters

40 Unique DIY Planters For Home & Garden

Diy Plastic bottle cat planter // recycle upcycle trash to treasure kid's craft ideas

How to create painted glass bottle vases. Great way to upcycle empty bottles!

DIY Painted Glass Bottle Vases

How to create painted glass bottle vases. Post includes helpful tips and a quick video tutorial, too.

Hi my coolest people! Are you looking for a new cool idea? For all fans of DIY ideas, today we prepared an exquisite collection of 25+ DIY Bottle Lamps Decor Ideas That Will Add Uniqueness to Your Home.If you are looking for a new lamp to add to your home interior, think twice before you spend money on that. We tend to spend more than we can afford, so be cool and make the things that you need on your own. The results are priceless! Why buying a new lamp when you can do it yourself? There…

25+ DIY Bottle Lamps Decor Ideas That Will Add Uniqueness To Your Home

DIY Glass Bottle Wall Sconces

A few months ago we finally replaced the fence in our side yard. It was at least 10 years old and the poor thing had taken quite a beating .

Homemade Lampshade:

10 DIY Bottle Light Ideas

26 Wine Bottle Crafts To Surprise Your Guests Beautifully homeshetics decor - Homesthetics - Inspiring ideas for your home.