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This is the truth, but only if that single parent is involved with the kids, and the kids are respectful, good little people, thats when you know you kicked ass in your life, you were given a test and passed it with flying colors, the kids were the test and if they are doing well and never not want to hug and kiss you goodnight or goodbye, you did AWESOME!

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Emotional and verbal abuse is no joke. The scars are brutal. But healing begins to come with time and A LOT of hard work and prayer. One breath, one step at a time. Keep moving forward. You were made for more.

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#mindfulnesscoach #lifecoach #perspective #mindset We've all had struggles. We've all suffered. We've all been challenged by adversity. The ONLY thing that separates those who suffer from those who conquer is MINDSET. My parents divorced when I was 6 so I grew up without an active father. To complicate matters I was molested at a very early age over the span of a few years. I became obese depressed and chronically ill for about 20 years until I made the choice to stop blaming circumstance...

When you love someone you protect them from the pain, you don't become the cause of it. Picture Quotes.

And they DO find out on their own. Just this last weekend, my adult son told me "Mom, I never remember you bad-mouthing my dad and you could have". It was a HUGE comfort to me to hear that. I always wanted to make sure my boys formed THEIR OWN opinions.

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Narcissistic Parent teach their children their feelings don't count. This leaves the child feeling worthless and completely invalidated.

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