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New "Divergent" Poster Continues Long Tradition Of Gratuitous Butt Poses

Ok Hi I am makailee I just finished divergent not even 10 minutes ago I cried and now I am starting to read insurgent

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EXCLUSIVE: See Tris And Four Defy Gravity In The Final 'Insurgent' Poster

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Honestly idk how to feel about the movie Allegiant because they completely ruined insurgent, like nothing was the same. Plus, there's spaceships in the background of this picture! WHAT THE HECK! IS THIS GONNA BE A MARS ATTACK OR SOMETHING!!!

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This movie is so great and it stuck so close to the book. I will never get tired of watching it!

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Divergent movie still... Whaaaaaat?!?!! Yee-aah, I am SO looking forward to this!!!! Glad I read the books before this came out! Makes me happy happy happy!!!!!

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Why didn't they just end it there at the Allegiant movie #SPOILER But this will be the movie of diying

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'Divergent': Get To Know Your Factions With Our Handy Infographic

'Divergent': Get To Know Your Factions With Our Handy Infographic | HP ANALOG WAS VERY MECESSARY THANK U VERY MUCH

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