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50 books like Divergent

50 Books Like Divergent

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BOX OFFICE: ‘Divergent’ Late Nights Huge $4.9M And On Track For $50M-$60M+ Frame; ‘Muppets Most Wanted’ Expected At No. 2; ‘Budapest Hotel’ Expands

Hey! I'm sorry, this isn't One Direction related, but someobody just added an account on PInterest!! If you are a Divergent fan, you should definitely follow them!!! Please go follow @Divergent if you are a Divergent fan!!!!

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This movie is so great and it stuck so close to the book. I will never get tired of watching it!

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Divergent. Mayson's faction story: Okay, so I start in Abnegation, right? Yah. And then I move to Erudite. But then, when they all rage war on everyone, I get the heck out and move to Dauntless! But I can do that because I can withstand those three factions: I'm Divergent! Yay! ;) Emma, Kylie, I want your faction story. :|

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Divergent (2014)

I became really ill during the viewing of this movie. This was in no way related to the movie, it was just one of those wrong place/wrong time things. I will say that to me it was a poor man's Hunger Games though I think Shailene Woodley has a bright future. I liked her and her acting, however, I did not find her Tris to be as vibrant as Katniss.

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