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The 20 Most Romantic Disney Movie Moments

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ron clements disney | Une exposition rendra hommage aux créateurs de Vaiana et leur longue ...

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Hercules Meg funny quote

2nd fav part of my all time favorite movie. someone remind me to thank walt disney when i die

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We are the muses. Godesses of the arts, and proclaimers of heroes! Heroes like Hercules. Honey, you mean HUNKULES! Hoohoo! I'd like to make some sweet music with him. OUR STORY actually begins long before Hercules. Many eons ago.... OH WOAH WOAH. (Sorry. I had to. XD)

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Can You Name The 21 Most Iconic Disney Songs From The First Line?

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Disney characters as Adults and Kids

How have Disney films effected YOU?

Take this quiz to determine if you have had major life changes because you watched Disney movies as a child.

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