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The Best Dish Rack Picks

The Best Dish Rack Picks|Looking for a drainer truly worthy of your counter space? Real Simple tried 35 contenders and found seven that really step up to the plate.

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Everyday Kitchen Essential Wire Easy Stack Dish Drainer (...

Use a dish drainer to organize pot lids, or Tupperware lids in a cabinet. You can find them in all sizes now, to fit almost any cabinet, and they are super cheap at the dollar store! jenniferf602

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The Collapsible Dish Drainer is a must have for any kitchen. The rack expands for use over any sink and holds up to 8 dinner plates plus utensils

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GRUNDTAL Dish drainer - IKEA get the longer barn to hang it from. Then hang utensils/dish scrubby, etc

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Stainless Steel In-Sink Dish Drainer

Dry your dishes in the same place you wash them - the sink. Our Stainless Steel In-Sink Dish Drainer expands to fit over sinks up to 21" wide. It holds plates and glassware vertically and flatware in a clear plastic caddy. Clear plastic tubing on the expanding arms prevents scratches on your sink and keeps the drainer from slipping. Made from rustproof stainless steel

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