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misscalcul8: Geometry Game Play - set up points around the room and have students discuss labels, definitions, intersections, etc of various geometric relationships (lines, planes, shapes, etc).

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Activities on Context Clues for Middle School

partners and give them a list of words either from a novel or textbook. One defines the word using context clues; other looks up word in dictionary. dictionary should read the word in context first since many words have several definitions.) they do not discuss definitions with each other. When both sure of their definition, they compare results to see if they agree.If so, switch roles. If not, re-read word in context and use both tools to correct definition. turn in a defined vocabulary…

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Accountable Talk Poster Pack - Chevron

Do your students get off topic during discussions? Mine definitely do. These posters will give students a visual cue of the types of sentence stems they can use when participating in class discussions and group discussions. This is called Accountable Talk.There are 16 phrases included in this pack.

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Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Literature Circles

Literature Circles are great! I use them in every grade I teach but modify them accordingly to each level. I used the condensed version translated by Marie Boroff and spent one week on the story with my 12th graders. You can shorten the length or even extend it. It all depends on how much pre-reading you do with the time period and how much time you allow for closure. I would definitely recommend giving this a try. It's fun to see each group discussing, laughing, and reading the story.

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Definitions and Discussions of Grammar in English

Definitions and Discussions of Grammar in English: "Grammar is not a time of waste" (Bart Simpson)

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Have you heard the terms Bruja/Brujo used when discussing witchcraft? Here's a basic definition!

Classic children's picture book, The Journey of Oliver K. Woodman (Compatible with Journeys 3rd grade basal) from Pitners Potpourri on - (44 pages) - 14 activities compatible w/Journeys 3rd gr. basal: punctuating dialogue, suffixes, possessives, discussion, formal/informal language, syllables, definitions, sequencing, questioning, drawing conclusions, research, opinion and narrative writing, & more