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Sarah Boysen Professor of Psychology, The Ohio State University Boysen's colony of 11 chimpanzees are often as rambunctious as a class of preschoolers, and her research shows they share another trait with toddlers: the ability to do simple arithmetic. The chimps can add, subtract, understand fractions, and associate Arabic numerals with the quantity of objects they represent.


Meet the Denisovans Genomic research is writing the story of our most enigmatic cousins. By Bridget Alex|Friday, November 04, 2016 Discover Magazine

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We are getting to the end of another year, and among several posts we published on this blog there are some that stand out.


A new Discover magazine article muses on the history of the artificial heart. This brief article includes quotes from THI founder Denton A. Cooley and our own Dr. Billy Cohn, and mentions our work on the HeartMate II.