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This is part of a kit I have posted on my website to help teen boys with ASD to understand and relate to girls. Tags: autism, asperger's, social skills, dating


Here is a list of books that teach kids and teens about disabilities. Those books show disability in a very positive way and raise the right of inclusion. Some of these books are Out Of My Mind by Sharon Drapen, Fish in a Tree by Lynda Mullaly. It is helpful for educators and parents as well. Date :June,2016 Publisher: Awesome Inc. template. Powered by Blogger.


ADHD & Emotional Development Infographic... And I'd be remiss not to tell you that the medication I was on for 8-9 years DEPRESSED ME and that we're too quick to call ADHD purely a disability as opposed to at least partially being a different way of thinking that simply does not fit into a broken cookie-cutter education system.

The Difference Between Men And Women. This Is Genius.

The Difference Between Men And Women. This Is Genius.

I think this is an excellent description. Hits the nail on the head. I had teachers in elementary school that were fascinated by my ability to understand through context. I have obviously developed that skill quite a bit.

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19 Illustrations That Sum Up Being In A Relationship When You Have ADHD

And our partner is still the center of our universe... there's just a lot of other shit revolving around in it.