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Diminishing Returns

T1 class of tankers, 4 built, are among the biggest in operation. The biggest by far was the Knock Nevis, much larger than the T1 pictured here, but it turns out there are diminishing returns with size and these huge ships end up as merely floating oil wareshouses and rarely sail the seas. Their length makes them vulnerable to troughs in the ocean and some have broken and sunk, the bow so far in the distance, the crew does not even realize they are doomed til it is too late to don survival…

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Do these things and you can rest assured that your house will have the best chance to be comfortable, healthful, durable, and energy efficient.

Diminishing Returns pattern by Sarah Jordan

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Diminishing Returns, Greg Opalinski on ArtStation at

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The Diminishing Returns of Adding Insulation - The bottom line is that although you can certainly put R-40 insulation under your slab or R-80 insulation in your walls, it may not be the smartest thing to do. Take a look at the bigger picture and see whether you might be better served by reducing the size of the home, finding ways to save on water heating, appliances, and plug loads, or investing in photovoltaics

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Talk Is Cheap for Euro as QE's Diminishing Returns Thwart Draghi

Talk Is Cheap for Euro as QE's Diminishing Returns Thwart Draghi.(October 13th 2015)