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SMARTePlans Digital Poetry Interactive Notebook

Digital Poetry Interactive Notebook for Google Classroom and Google Drive. High school English. Middle school English. Teaching Poetry. Poetry teaching ideas.


DIGITAL Poetry Slam! (CCSS ELA Speaking & Writing)

DIGITAL Poetry Slam - introduces students to performance poetry and lets them make audio or video files of their poems to take the fear out of presenting it live! Project includes multimedia lesson, directions, rubric, and Teacher's Guide to help with lesson plans and Slam day.


Digital Poetry eWorksheets Analysis & Comprehension for Any Poem, Google Drive

Poetry eWorksheets Analysis & Comprehension for Any Poem are designed for use with Google Drive! They are interactive, bright, and engaging! These poetry


Check out this sample app smashing focused on Writing Digital Poetry. Lots of links and resources here!!!


I found Angi Sullins on one of her sites Message from the Muse; I've followed one of her links and found yet another site 'Angi in Wonderland', she's now set up yet another site '' and there's also a Duirwaigh Studio here - but I'm not sure where I am and can't remember what was where. I know there's a writing challenge at the weekend; I've seen poetry and altered / digital art, and I've seen loads of recommendations for books and now MP3 downloads. I'll come back later! My…

Digital Poetry eWorksheets Analysis & Comprehension for Any Poem, Google Drive

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FREE on Teachers Pay Teachers! Have students create their own digital poetry project! This is super useful for a creative writing or poetry unit.