diffusion spectrum MRI (DSI) images of fiber pathways in the brain of cats at age 10 days (top) and three months

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Plush toy, or Science? White matter connections in the human brain are imaged using diffusion MRI. This “connectome” is output from a 2008 study by Gigandet et al attempting to determine statistical confidence in mapping neural connectivity.

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Computational Diffusion MRI and Brain Connectivity: Miccai Workshops, Nagoya, Japan, September 22nd, 2013

Diffusion MRI - Wikipedia

Connecting the dots: Water diffusion MRI reveals plasticity networks in remote nonstimulated brain regions

Learn what diffusion MRI scans of the brain's "connectome" can tell us about how an individual person's brain is wired -- and how it rewires itself.

A diffusion MRI image of a patient who has suffered a stroke in the thalamus. This has resulted in major disruptions to certain axon tracts, some of which are visible at the bottom of the figure

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