Use different icons for types of things you can find in snowmass: shoe, box of chocolates, jewelry etc.

Coffee shop icon set consists of 24 different line-style vector icons for easy resizing and fast customization of colors or line thickness.

Different types of hairstyles for both men and women. -- Drawing tools, inspiration, creativity, reference sheet, guide, hair, character design Books - English - books for women -

After sketching that sheet of Male Poses I decided to sketch out some of my male oc& hairstyles. Yes, that& not even all of them I may do a sheet for the girls sometime too. If I& no too .

5 Types of Erasers Every Artist Should Know About

5 Types of Erasers Every Artist Should Know About

When it comes to art, not all erasers are created equal. You may see on your supply list something called a “Pink Pearl” or a “kneaded eraser”.

Rocket Cómo dibujar manga!

Chart of how to draw different types of manga character eyes, based on a specific shape.

Amazing Different Types of Dragon

Edit: I kinda made up names for them. Forest dragon Fire dragon Dragon of death Sea dragon Air or earth dragon Dragon of war Dragon of chaos Dragon of the undead Normal dragon Ice dragon


This Word Association Test Will Determine Your Disney Personality Type