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Just stop and think about it and you'll find it is often true.

from From up North

Beautiful photography for your inspiration

Talk about evoking emotion! It's amazing what type of story our photos tell.


= One day love knocks on my door and I do not open it thinking it is a Jehovah's Witness.

Today I am grateful for the amazing things that are unfolding for me in every moment!

FREE!! Students examine the events of WW1 and different perspectives of said events by working with up to 18 songs. Students read the titles of songs and predict what the topic/message, point of view, and emotions of the song are, as well as when during the war the song came out. They then look up the lyrics to the songs or listen to the lyrics (10 websites provided) to see how accurate their predictions were, and lastly they answer 4 questions. This is appropriate for US or World History.