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30 exemples de calligraphies absolument parfaites

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Today's #BetterLetteringCourse #ExpandYourStyleApril prompt: "Pattern Play!" Kicking things off with something not too far out of my wheelhouse but already thrilled to have these style prompts to interpret all month long! It's gonna be so much fun to see how everyone interprets the style prompts differently!! If you want to learn lettering as a beginner and explore new styles join us in the challenge! Simply enroll in the $20 course using the link in my profile or learn more about the…

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Try to use dots, stripes, lines, curls, italics, bolds, underlines, and different sizes to create your own specific tone and technique. Doing something casual and neat for a friend can include a lot of different types of lettering

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I should make a catalog of different hand-lettering styles as a reference for when I'm doing scrapbooking.

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I really like the different styles and the way they all look together.. :)

Cool Typography Quotes

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