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Sadness and loneliness will definitely bring you down therefore wreaking havoc on your immune system. ☮️

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This FREE expressive language program provides a structured way to teach vocabulary, attributes, categories, comparing, contrasting, definitions, function of objects, colors, shapes, sizes, describing, question sentences, similarities and differences, and so much more.

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Receive gratitude instead of negativity by replacing words such as "sorry I'm late" to "thank you for waiting for me."

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This is why so many people are scared of "feminism." Not because they hate women but because they fear man haters. Some self proclaimed feminists really do hate men, and that's not the original definition of feminism.

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This isn't about be being bad losers. We are in revolt because our country will now be in the hands of an intellectually disinterested, reckless, mendacious narcissist. If this doesn't terrify you, you're a fool! Fuck Trump!

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The difference between these two

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