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Beautiful Heterochromia Eyes - Eyes with different colors. I wish I could have heterochromia eyes. So fascinating.

If someone has a different amount of melanin in each iris in their eyes, they will have different color eyes. This is called Heterochromia iridium. Heterochromia iridium is relatively rare for humans. Heterochromia iridium more common in some animals such as horses, cats, and several species of dogs.

Sarah McDaniel: Complete heterochromia iridum occurs when each eye is a different color. In the case of Sarah McDaniel, her left iris is blue and the right is hazel-brown.

Human chimera with two different colored eyes.

Human Chimeras

Human chimeras are surprisingly common and a wonder of the human reproductive process.

gyravlvnebe: Me and my dog Pandora, adopted from the street. Photography by Sergei Sarakhanov

Photo (Packing up, shacking up is all you wanna do...)

tentxcity: ““Me and my dog Pandora, adopted from the street © Sergei Sarakhanov ” This has got to be one of the best photos I’ve seen in a while. ” - tentxcity: Me and my dog Pandora, adopted from.