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Did anyone survive pompeii

Fresco detail from Pompeii, Italy. Amazing detail! To have been done so long ago, and to have survived all this time ... They certainly don't make things like they used to!

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Frescoes in the Villa dei Misteri at Pompeii are among the most notable that survived the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD.

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The bodies of the Pompeii petrified. The town of Pompeii near Naples region of Italy, was founded in about 7-6 century BC by the Osci or Oscan, a race originating from central Italy.

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Ancient greek royal dress with elaborate designs and golden patterns Clothing in ancient Greece primarily consisted of the chiton, peplos, himation, and chlamys. While no clothes have survived from this period, descriptions exist from contemporary accounts and artistic depiction. Clothes were mainly homemade, and often served many purposes (such as bedding).

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MOH2: Lesson 9 - Pompeii. Good video that shows what it would have been like the day of the explosion.

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Hetalia - Axis and Allies Signature Songs, made by me, aka @StoryGuardian . If you repin, please give credit to me.

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