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Did Anyone Survive Pompeii

Pompeii's Roman Baths. Roman baths were very important to the Romans. It wasn't just hygienic, but it was a social opportunity. The baths had complex heating and cooling systems. They had ornately decorated each building.


MOH2: Lesson 9 - Pompeii. Good video that shows what it would have been like the day of the explosion.


The Quadriportico at the Great Theater in Pompeii likely served as a foyer for the theater. Though the art and statuary that once filled it is gone, the 74 surrounding columns have survived.

Carbonized Eggs - The eggs in this photograph were found during the excavations of Pompeii. Such finds are very rare, since organic materials generally have not survived. There is only limited evidence of goods such as food, wooden furniture and cloth (for clothes, or drapery) that were essential to everyday life, yet were made of perishable materials.


Hetalia - Axis and Allies Signature Songs, made by me, aka @StoryGuardian . If you repin, please give credit to me.


loaf of carbonized bread It apparently was baking in a oven when the super-heated waves of poisonous gas swept down from Vesuvius and across the homes and business of Pompeii. Carbonized and left buried in the oven for more than 1500 years, it’s a remarkable object from the past, both for its “everyday-ness” and the fact that it even survived the centuries.