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Young Justice: Batman and Robin comparisons, I love robin! He doesn't have to be The Batman

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Batman: Robin(DickG): Nightwing: Robin(TimD): Flash: Kid Flash: Kid Flash in stealth mode: Impulse Green Arrow: Red Arrow: Blue Beetle: Beast Boy Superman: Superboy: Lagoon Boy: Batgirl

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Except that I think he appreciated Frigga's love very much. But he didn't know how to behave around her anymore now that he knew she wasn't his birth mother.

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gosh I miss them when they were younger. And I thought I wanted them to grow up... Can we just all agree season 2 never happened? (except for a few Spitfire gifs?) ALSO THAT'S JUST BEFORE WE LOST HIM. OH WALLY WHYYYY

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It's basically the same as when guys wear their pants low enough to see their underwear. Has any guy ever gotten detention for that? I don't think so.

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Gull Lake 1 This historic boat was originally custom built by Hacker Boat Works for Dick Locke and is powered by a 2,025 CID – 650 HP Packard V-12, designed for a top speed of 60 MPH in 1931. Some say “LOCKPAT II” is possibly one of the most significant wooden runabouts ever built.

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