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This week we take a regal trip down memory lane as we relive the most royal of countdowns.


Helen of Troy - the daughter of Zeus and Leda, Helen was the Queen of Sparta and considered the most beautiful woman who ever lived. Her abduction by Paris led to the Trojan War. She is portrayed here by Diane Kruger.


Nhilshalee DéValiryn is a ex agent of Yasshynt and now a member of EV Unit as Ordinary Officer in the Imperial Navy. She is called, jokingly, "The Awakened". During the War of Three Leaves she operated in Syòrpiir (alias Alathrien Letheranil, maitress of coronal Tarsellis IX). During the Crown Wars she operated in Aryvandaar. During the occupation by Cormanthyof she join the drowish resistance. || Diane Kruger, Helen, Marie Antoinette