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Shoots Children as a Sign Of Love Diane Downs On May 19th in 1983 in Oregon, Diane Downs drove her three children to hospital after they were shot in she claimed was an attempted carjacking. On arrival Cheryl was dead and her two other children...


How Mom Became Suspect in Kids' Murder

VIDEO: Diane Downs gave bizarre interview to local TV station before murder conviction.


How Mom Became Suspect in Kids' Murder

Diane Downs/ Killed her 3 children and lied about it, bc her children were getting in the way of her love life


10 Nonfiction Books To Read If You Love Crime Novels | ``Why would a young mother shoot her three young children one night, with the intent to kill? Anne Rule explores that question and more in her book Small Sacrifices, a true account of the crimes committed by Diane Downs, for which she attempted to blame a (some say, likely nonexistent) stranger. Those who followed the case back in the 1980s are still undecided about what to believe.``


“That’s the thing, I don’t believe in ‘deep down’. I kind of think all you are is just the things that you do. ”I love when Bojack and Diane have these little talks on roof.