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Diana Mitford, the Hon. Lady Mosley. In 1936, she married Sir Oswald Mosley, 6th Baronet of Ancoat at the home of Germany's Dr. Joseph Goebbels, with Führer and Chancellor Adolph Hitler a guest of honour. Speculation of a mutual sympathy between Hitler and Britain's King Edward VIII subsequently the Duke of Windsor and the Duchess, was related to their common friendship with the Mosleys.


The Mitford girls. British upper class sisters who were known for their beauty, exploits and unfortunately making some very bad decisions. Their family history is fascinating.


Daphne Guinness, granddaughter of Diana Mitford Guinness Moseley , photographed by Mario Testino.


Bright Young People from the interwar years in England. They were the first generation to rebel. The Mitford Sisters were beauties of their day. Diana Mitford.