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Diabetes In Children - Causes, Symptoms & Treatments

Diabetes In Children – 3 Causes, 9 Symptoms & Treatments You Should Be Aware Of


Sugar Babies: How to Stop the Genocide of Our Children --- Never before in human history have we seen “adult onset” or type 2 diabetes in children. There has been an over 1,000% increase in type 2 diabetes in children over the last two decades(1). Fifteen years ago 3% of new cases of diabetes in children were type 2 diabetes. Now it is 50%(2). Forty percent of children are now overweight and 2 million are morbidly obese, exceeding the 99th percentile for weight(3).

Nutritionfacts video: Prediabetes is a disease in and of itself, associated with early damage to the eyes, kidneys, and heart. The explosion of diabetes in children is a result of our epidemic of childhood obesity. A plant-based diet may help, given that vegetarian kids grow up not only taller, but thinner.

Type 1 Diabetes in Children and Young Adults 6th Edition: Ragnar…

Pet Care Improves Type 1 Diabetes in Children -

Air Pollution Increases Risk of Insulin Resistance in Children: New research shows that growing up in areas where air pollution is increased raises the risk of insulin resistance (the precursor to diabetes) in children.