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10 Things to Do When You Find Out You Have Diabetes

A type 2 diabetes diagnosis can be overwhelming, but you''re not alone. Our guide for newly diagnosed people with diabetes can help you navigate your way through the diabetes information you need to know now. From explaining blood glucose tests to developing a diabetes eating plan, our easy-to-follow guide will help you live well with diabetes.


Paula Deen discusses her diabetes diagnosis with Lifescript, and shares how she's lost weight. ...


Detoxing for Diabetes: A 10 Day Journey to Better Health

Detoxing for Diabetes: My 10-Day Jumpstart to Better Health. Read Tara's story in the new "Type 2 and You."

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How Paula Deen Lost 30 Pounds

The Food Network star’s controversial type 2 diabetes diagnosis triggered a slew of questions about how to handle the condition and lose…


Diabetes: Danika's Rules to Heal Yourself: Banana Ice Cream Pie. Danika shares tips and recipes that helped her reverse a diabetes diagnosis. Integrate these into your own life and you'll not only lower your risk for diabetes, you'll increase your overall good health.


This is the first in an occasional series of excerpts by Lifescript’s favorite health bloggers. In their blog Without Envy, Steve and Franca Gilbert, who have 3 children, reveal how they cope with the type 1 diabetes diagnosis of their daughter, Lia, now 11 years old...

How to Cope With Your Diabetes Diagnosis - A diabetes diagnosis isn’t just a sign that your health is at risk, it can also damage your emotional wellness if you don’t get a handle on it. Diabetes can stop you in your tracks, or it can be the wake-up call you need to boost your wellbeing. A study carried out by Yale University found... -


Paula Deen's Top Recipes, Made Diabetes-Friendly

Paula Deens Top Recipes, Made Diabetes-Friendly The queen of calorie-rich Southern cuisine is famous for her unhealthy recipes. In the wake of Deens diabetes diagnosis, heres a look at some of her most popular dishes matched with lighter, diabetes-friendly fare from our own recipe database.

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Dr Oz: Paula Deen Diabetes + Recipe Quest App

Dr Oz talked to Paula Deen about her diabetes diagnosis and her new app Paula Deen Recipe Quest.

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Translating A1C to a Blood Sugar Level

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