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Live Life Happy Quote: "Don't let desperate situations make you do desperate things." -dlq

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"he’s gone okay? let him go. i know that his laugh was the soundtrack to your summer and when he kissed your lips you could feel fire in your stomach. but he left, he’s not coming back. you don’t know why and you probably never will. thats part of what hurts the most. the silence. maybe if he had yelled or at least said goodbye this pain would be a little less extreme. but you can’t change any of that now. you cant make him come back just like you couldn’t make him stay. and thats okay, that…

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Some may read this and think it depressing. But, it's just the little reminder I need to focus back on me

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The best don't stick around when you treat them poorly, only the desperate do. [Shannon L. Alder] #quote

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She Laughs Proverbs 31:25

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Truth....thank god I surround myself with women who think highly of themselves...there are plenty desperate ones who cld care less...

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Shannon L. Alder - "Chasing a man is not winning. The only thing you win is the loss of your dignity....". truth, relationships, mistakes, women, dating, dating-advice, forgetting, men, moving-on, empowerment, letting-go, sad, desperate, losing, self-respect, value, ego, dogs, self-worth, teenagers, dignity, competition, low-self-esteem, pathetic, staying-positive, wasted-time, revelation, players, delusion, games, cheaters, love, observations, betrayers, false-confidence, the-good-life…

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