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Steps and questions to guide you with Design Thinking Website: The Art of Education Article: Turn Stem to Steam with the Design Thinking Process By: Tracy Hare Publisher: The Art of Design Thinking Date: 1 year Accessed: June 2016

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Design Thinking is the new core

This are the Phases of the Design Thinking Process. Empathize, define, ideate, prototype, test and implement to make your project successful and innovative.

If we apply the analogy of Design Thinking as a journey, having good travel partners is important to safely and successfully arriving at your desired destination. The process of Design Thinking takes you into unknown and sometimes uncomfortable territory. Members of a Design Thinking team need to be open minded, curious, collaborative and allow their assumptions to be challenged, ready for change, and be adaptable. Yes, that’s a lot, but it’s worth the effort as it creates a great team…

Design Thinking: Select the Right Team Members and Start Facilitating

I love the empathy maps. A tool I haven't used yet, but will in the future.

This pin talks about the most important part of design thinking, in my opinion, that is to ask people what they need and their problems, by empathizing with them, and thinking of a solution where everyone will end privileged.

70 Infográficos que Todo Designer deve Conhecer

+ 70 infográficos que todo designer DEVE conhecer

New Theme: Design Thinking Process Infographic and Life Tribute Poster

New Theme: Design Thinking Process Infographic and Life Tribute Poster

This is a diagram that shows & explain each desing thinking step. The steps are, empathize define, ideate, prototype and test.

Design Thinking for Human Centred Learning Infographic

An infographic & crash course in using Design Thinking to create innovative, human-centered learning solutions. For those familiar with design