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Placemat - Grateful Hearts Gather, home decor, present, tableware, table scene, place setting, place mat, fall decor, thanksgiving decor

For a full list of our FAQs and many other details visit our website: DESCRIPTION Our place mats are designed and handmade in our Allentown, NJ studio. They are made with an unbleached cotton fabric and measure 14in long x 20in wide. Print size is about 10x12 inches. They come in a beautiful off white, oatmeal color with black text and they are charming with any decor. Our designs feature hand lettered calligraphy by owner and operator of PCB, Alyssa Thiel. All Parris…

Celestial Performer. Detail from a Kalpasutra manuscript folio, Ink and opaque watercolor on paper, Gujarat, ca. 1490, In Jain cosmology, Shakra's heaven is a blissful place where the jinas reside for eternity. It is populated by celestial dancers, seen here as beautiful maidens sensuously poised in the text margins. On the lower folio a male dancer accompanies the female dancers. These scenes are echoed in the textual descriptions of the Kalpasutra celebrating the jina Mahavira. ...


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Netflix Videos Now Available For Offline Downloads Netflix has enabled a great astonishing feature to its app showing that you can now watch videos offline after download. At first when they started the program you are not allowed to download a movie from Netflix. How to Download a movie from Netflix app. Once you have played your selected video on your screen(video description) you will see an icon for downloads kindly click on it and make your videos download offline. Sponsored…

Nag Hammadi. A town on the left bank of the Nile, 600 kilometres south of Cairo. Although this place has no pharaonic remains, it is world famous thanks its name being linked with the discovery in 1945 by Muhammad Ali of a group of papyri hidden in a pottery jar buried on the right bank of the Nile. The find consisted of 13 books dating from the 4th century AD - a collection of 48 texts varying from the gospels, poems and descriptions of the origins of the universe to myths, magical texts…

FOR DESCRIPTION SEE GEORGE (BMSat) Hand-coloured etching Plate from the 'Satirist', xii, frontispiece. The explanatory text (pp. 1-5) has the second title: 'or, The Friend to a Peace', the 'ea' being half obliterated and surmounted by 'ie'. The 'grand saloon' of the new Drury Lane Theatre is a long room showing an apse-like end (left). The furniture consists of divans placed at regular intervals on which courtesans recline, some embraced by men. January 1, 1813

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Chapter Study Guides: Student-Made, DURING Reading Activity for ANY Novel

Chapter Study Guides - for ANY novel unit to replace or support chapter quizzes. Students write summaries, test questions, discussion questions, famous quotes, and more! For secondary English classes