Superficial Dermoid Cyst

Deep Dermoid Cyst - may have cystic or solid components. On MRI may show fat, fluid or soft tissue signal and occasionally may show calcification. On CT scan it is a low density, extraconal, nonenhancing mass with smooth margins. Fat fluid level may be present. may show proptosis or displacement of the globe. Focal thinning or scalloping (fossa formation) of the adjacent bone may be seen. Long standing lesions can produce remodelling of the adjacent bones.

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A Dermoid Cyst or teratoma in the ovary typically contains a diversity of tissues including hair, teeth, bone, thyroid, etc. Teratomas arise from germ cells, which are the cells that go on to later develop into a person’s gametes (such as sperm and...

Chickweed (Stellaria media) has secret dissolving powers. Ovarian cysts, dermoid cysts, lumps in the breast and elsewhere can't hold their own against her slippery ways when a dropperful (1 ml) is taken 4-5 times a day, persistently, for many months. And have you tried chickweed pesto? It vibrates with antioxidant power! (Susun Weed)

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Dermoid cyst with a dermoid mesh transverse

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