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For many, the first appearance of frown lines is a real worry. And of course, when we worry, we frown – compounding the problem once more. A make-up re-strategy can make-do for a while, but eventually there comes a time when further treatment becomes a serious consideration.

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Wrinkle-Reducing Skin Care Tips Infographic

Juvederm, Restylane or Perlane are injected under the wrinkle to plump and fill it creating smooth skin. It actually looks like an eraser just wiped them away. Fillers are a beautiful way to rejuvenate the mid and lower face. Richard Galitz, MD, FACS - Miami -

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Wrinkels & fillers to correct them. #infographic #wellnesskliniek

We all are different from each other and so are our lips. Every person has a different lip care requirement. Choose a good branded lip balm never compromise on the quality. Apply a drop of moisturizing milk on a cotton ball and clean your lips. Now apply a good lip balm to salve your lips to make it soft. It is good to apply some rose water on your lips. Never share your lipstick with anyone and do not use others’ too. Apply olive oil on lips during winters as the air is too drying.

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Botox/Dermal Filler Party Scoop. Secret Society of Beauty inside details of Botox party, descriptions and fun. Don't miss this one! #Botox #filler #fashionmom #aspirerewards #dysport #restylanesilk #restylanelyft #restylane #cosmeticinjector #dallas #fillers #botox #sculptra #bestlipsintown #lisas_facestudio #botox #dysport #restylane #fillers

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SEVEN MYTHS DEBUNKED Dermal fillers have become a popular and effective treatment for making an aging face look younger without surgery. Unfortunately, a number of myths have arisen about them, which we’re going to debunk.

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Things to know about Lip enhancement

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Restylane dermal fillers are an injectable treatment that contains hyaluronic acid. Youthful skin is rich in hyaluronic acid (HA) – a substance that binds water, hydrates the skin, and promotes all-important softness and fullness. With age, the skin’s HA gradually becomes less efficient and leads to loss of volume and signs of aging.

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This is a great guide to Long Lasting #Dermal #Filler Solutions from a med spa in Pittsburgh!

This is a great guide to Long Lasting #Dermal #Filler Solutions from a med spa in Pittsburgh!

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