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Wilshire Boulevard, 1928 - you can see the Brown Derby restaurant. I would go to the Brown Derby after the horse races....awww the good old days.

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The Brown Derby on Vine. Of the four Brown Derby restaurants in Los Angeles, this one was considered the Hollywood landmark. It closed on April 3, 1985. [Photo from LA Public Library]

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laurence olivier and vivien Love among the stars list | Dear Mr. Gable – {The Brown Derby Restaurant} Part 1: The History

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Columnist Sidney Skolsky (C) eating dinner with actors Spencer Tracy (L) and James Cagney (R) by Jeff Houck, via Flickr

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Kentucky Benedictine Spread or Dip

This recipe was created by Jennie Carter Benedict, a cookbook author, caterer, and restaurateur. She operated a Louisville restaurant and tea room, Benedict's, in the early 20th century. I located this recipe on presented by Diana Rattray, Southern Food Expert. It is also manufactured & can be found in a variety of Louisville grocery stores. Not sure, if available statewide. Often looked for at Derby time.This is one of my favorite spreads/dips!

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The Vine Street Brown Derby restaurant, just down from the Hollywood and Vine corner. I love the glow of the Brown Derby Bamboo Room” sign, but here’s detail I’ve never noticed before: the octagonal pattern carved into the sidewalk out front. (1937)

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