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Sensory Deprivation: Meditation Isolation Chambers aka Flotation Tanks - amazing! At 1st my breathing was fast & my heart was pounding in the darkness. Weightless, the tank eventually seems as big as the universe. You can't tell which direction your body is floating. You can no longer feel your body, it totally "disappears". Nothing is left but your mind, your thoughts... and sometimes "I" would disappear in my thoughts. A separate "I" no longer existed. This was my experience. jc

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Five Reasons to Float In a Sensory Deprivation Tank

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I Slept All Night in a Sensory Deprivation Tank. This Is My Story.

Two years ago, I wrote for Slate about sensory deprivation tanks, those contraptions that let you float in skin-temperature water, enveloped in darknes ...

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The power of shutting down your senses: how to boost your creativity and have a clear mind

“Many floaters experience hallucinations as their brains respond to not getting sensory input. This is part of the vivid mental imagery I mentioned earlier—your brain is relaxed enough to visualize strong images you wouldn’t see normally.”—Belle Beth Cooper.

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I Went Into A Sensory Deprivation Tank To Unplug From The World

The gift of ascension being consumed by intelligent loving radiance. The radiance is the divine quality of the person overcoming the physical constraints of the material physical body and moving into the expression of pure energy.