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Danish wienerbrød, a Danish pastry, sometimes abbreviated Danish especially in the USA, is a viennoiserie pastry, of Viennese origin, which has become a specialty of Denmark and neighboring Scandinavian countries.

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aebleskivers (pancake balls)

Aebleskivers (pancake balls) from The Baker Upstairs. These delicious Danish pancakes are crisp on the outside and hollow on the inside, and perfect for stuffing with strawberries, whipped cream, or nutella. They're also amazing with just syrup and powdered sugar!

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Food you must eat when in Copenhagen

The Best places to eat in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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Finding cheap food in Copenhagen

Where to find cheap, yummy food in Copenhagen, Denmark! Includes insider tips on…

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Danish Pork Roast - Flæskesteg

Danish Pork Roast - Flæskesteg from the Sweet Sour Savory blog

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An All-Night Danish Christmas Feast

Elegant Rustic Christmas Menu | In the snowy wilds of western Denmark, an English chef makes a Christmas meal that lasts until morning

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Danish split pea soup with dill

Vegan Danish split pea soup with dill from Global Feasts Denmark!

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Pavlova ~ Danish Mallow Puff or Flodeboller ~ Recipe and image by Genevieve Knights from the Pavlova Cookbook now available on Kindle.

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Where to Find the Best Food in Copenhagen

The food scene in Copenhagen is exceptional, and the creator of many a destination on the international food map. Noma was born here after all, and from that has spun off hits like Amass, Ralae and Bror. It certainly doesn’t stop there though. Here are some of my favorite places to find the best food in Copenhagen!

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Want to know what Danish Christmas hygge is? This is

Want to know what Danish Christmas hygge is This is. |

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