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Yup definitely nothing suspicious about that little demon #worldofwarcraft #blizzard #Hearthstone #wow #Warcraft #BlizzardCS #gaming


Don't Call Me a Loblolly, You Blatherskite : Succubus

What?! Top 10 Rare & Amusing Insults, Vol. 2: #3: Succubus: Definition: a demon assuming female form in order to have sexual intercourse with men in their sleep About the Word: A succubus is the female version of an incubus – a demon in male form who has sexual intercourse with sleeping females.

Day 26: Demon or human Kurama - Definitely human Kurama. His demon form was cold, heartless, and down-right nasty. He still keeps his brilliance and special powers of his demon form, but has softened his heart and cares for others. There is no comparison for me, because it is like judging two different people.


I used to think that I loved you because you made me feel less alone. But I am still lonely. And I always will be. I love you because you know my loneliness has nothing to do with you. It’s the burden I was given by the Sea. The price demanded to set the words free. I love you because your patience became a place where I could be understood and loved without question. Forgiven for all the demons I own. A place that exists only in you. The truest definition of home. #sufisoulpoetry ...

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Which LOST Character Are You?

Which LOST Character Are You? You are Hugo (Hurley) Reyes. You are marked by your friendship to others and desire for peace. While you seek to avoid confrontation, it may come at a cost to stand up for what you believe in at times. You are the very definition of a true friend; one who is consistently trustworthy, but may be hesitant to let others in about your own personal demons.


What an amazing collaboration with Nicole Lyons. I couldn't be more pleased with how this went down. Its most definitely been my pleasure working with her. I'm honored to have been offered to work with such talent. #love #demons #darkness #dark #lust #poetcollaboration #darkpoetry #toxic #poet #poetry #poem #poetsofinstagram #poetsofig #poetryisnotdead #typewriterpoetry #spilledink #writer #words #writersofig #writersofinstagram #wrtiterscommunity #poetsociety #wordporn #poemsporn

1 | Demon-moth head | Oooh spooky, my demon-moth is definitely in progress. Of course I changed the eyes few seconds after I took this picture, just cause I'm a change freak, no other logical reason for it. Now I have to fix it and move on to finishing the legs and arms. (As you can see on the left corner, my little girl also got the #moth fever…)


There are seven major Choirs of angels serving as instruments of Heaven on Earth, messengers from the celestial realm to the corporeal. Their basic natures are defined as resonance with the Symphony, balanced with dissonance, an angel's denial of his true nature. Angels who are greatly dissonant run the risk of Falling from grace, losing their divinity and becoming demons. While the Grigori (presuming any members of that Choir still survive) are not by strict definition malevolent, they…

Demons=fears. Victims of bullying are the literal definition of sadness & depression. They hv no one to speak to, letting their negative thoughts eat them up, very slowly. I time, demons/negative thoughts are what that make these victims feel better. At least, they hv demons to accompany them.

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Supernatural Lip Balm Tube, Supernatural Demon Blood, Sam Winchester Lip Balm, Citrus Scent, Vegan, Geek Makeup, Nerd Make Up, Fandom

Sam Winchester has had some ups and downs. One of the downs is definitely the consumption of demon blood. I've created this in his honor and it has the sweet scent of Blood Orange to accompany it. This citrus lip balm can be purchased in quantities of 1 tube, 5 tubes or 10 tubes. That way you can purchase for yourself, to share with friends or possibly party favors. ▼ INGREDIENTS: Your blend will be approximately .2oz of product made from sunflower oil, cocoa butter, candelilla…